Online Nutrition Coaching

Online Nutrition Coaching


Receive all the exclusive, up-to-date information and professional guidance you need, to start achieving your nutrition and lifestyle goals in the comfort of your own home!

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This service is suitable for people who do not Live in Cyprus, or do not have the time or money to visit a dietitian often, but they still seek evidence-based nutritional advice from an experienced, trustworthy and accredited health professional.

The online nutrition coaching package includes:

  1. A 20 minute Skype session with the registered dietitian Rebecca Kourmouzi.

  2. A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your individual needs, preferences and skills. You will be asked to answer an assessment form. By purchasing this service you automatically declare that you know that hiding important information or submitting false information, can lead to the creation of an inappropriate nutrition plan for you, and the dietitian bears no responsibility for this.

  3. Printable educational tools that will enhance your effort to change your nutrition and lifestyle, so as to be and feel mentally and physically healthier.

  4. Introduction to basic behavioral change strategies that will help you achieve and maintain your goals over the long term.

  5. Mutual goal setting and fillable pages to track your progress.

  6. Unlimited support via email.